Fire in the Blood



UK DVD REVIEWS (March/April 2014)


"Affecting, exactingly researched breakdown of the fight for affordable Aids medication in developing countries in the face of corporate pharmaceutical obstruction. It's an angry-making extension of themes less globally explored in the recent Dallas Buyers Club."

Guy Lodge, "Guy Lodge's DVD and Downloads", The Guardian/The Observer



"When we first reviewed the film back in 2013, we called it “one of the most important documentaries of the last 10 years” and our opinion has not changed one bit. Buy this DVD and educate yourself.  Definitely not to be missed. ★★★★★ "

Lucy Cave, The Hollywood News


"compelling and haunting"

Matt Swain, Aesthetica



"This is what documentary is all about, passion, resistance, a voice for the voiceless. It is a keen analysis on corporate greed and the ravages of unfettered capitalism. Yet there is balance, a true sign of a great documentary. ★★★★ "

Jonathan Glen, Front Row Reviews



"Devastating"  *DVD Highlight of the Week*

The Mail on Sunday



"Brilliantly constructed… Fire in the Blood angers and inspires in equal measure, but it's also careful to keep its argument organised and rational, debunking and meeting head-on the arguments and the advertising campaigns used by the pharmaceutical industry to discredit its critics and maintain the status quo. Fantastic… ★★★★★ "

John Bleasdale, CineVue



"Gray has become an ambassador for making a difference by shifting public opinion. This is where Fire in the Blood excels - in bringing a harsh truth to light using an unrelentingly factual approach.

Fire in the Blood has provided proof that yes, a film can change the world. If you haven't seen this film yet, you really should."

Robert Leane, The Huffington Post UK



"Deftly narrated by William Hurt, this Indian documentary ranks alongside Alex Gibney’s Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job as one of those documentaries that shows us how broken our financial system really is. Horrifying and fascinating in equal measure... ★★★★ "

Jonathan Calmont, filmjuice



"A powerful, important film. ★★★★★ "

Mandy Southgate, Blogcritics



"Winner of the 2013 DOXA Feature Documentary Award, 2013 Justice Matters Award at the 27th Washington DC International Film Festival, the inaugural Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Prize for Political Film, and Best Debut Film of a Director at the Mumbai International Film Festival, Fire in the Blood has gained critical and audience praise across the globe."

The Fan Carpet



"Powerful, emotional and honest...  Fire in the Blood will change your mind set.  A must watch documentary."

Movie & Film Reviews



"This film should be mandatory viewing"

Ollie England, Crispy Sharp Film


"Shocking, informative and important... 8/10"

Robert Norris, The Digital Fix



"it shocks, it informs, it provokes and it grips. You’d think Dylan has been doing it for decades. But this is actually his debut feature – a fact that makes this even more powerful.  Sets your blood boiling... 8/10"

Ivan Radford, Vodzilla



"I called the film “engrossing and important” and said that it “needs to be seen by as many people as possible”. We all know what a good judge I am..."

Mild Concern



"Compelling and haunting viewing"

Aesthetica Magazine



"I was deeply impressed by this courageous piece of film making and even more so by the scope of its coverage, and breadth of its interviewees. Included in the extras are in depth interviews with key players Dr. Peter Rost and Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, along with an unusually high number of deleted scenes, each adding real depth and sensitivity to the main piece. [...] It is a deeply moving, eye opening piece... truly a film that deserves all of its plaudits..."

Claire Hyypiä, Filmwerk





"Fire in the Blood is a crackling documentary that can’t be missed"

Kanika Sharma, Mid-Day


"It is not often that a documentary film makes history in India. So when, Mumbai-based and Canadian-born filmmaker Dylan Mohan Gray’s Fire in the Blood, released in November last year, ran for five weeks, movie industry observers sat up with a start.

Fire in the Blood became the longest-running non-fiction film ever to be released in this country. Not even Michael Moore’s celebrated Fahrenheit 9/11 could hold its ground in an Indian multiplex beyond a couple of weeks.

Now on the cards is a DVD release of Fire in the Blood, which is a no-holds-barred investigation into the conspiracy by western pharmaceutical giants to block access to low-cost AIDS drugs in the Third World after 1996."

Saibal Chatterjee, The Sunday Tribune


"Fire in the Blood, which has created shockwaves around the world since debuting at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, will be released on DVD in India on May 23.  The explosive, internationally-acclaimed film will also release globally for rental and purchase in high-definition Video on Demand... Fire in the Blood’s release on DVD and VOD could hardly happen at a more critical time."

Esha Verma, Pandolin


"Fire in the Blood is an extremely important film of our times... a film that needs to be viewed by everyone" 

Utpal Borpujari, DearCinema


"An inspiration"

Imphal Free Press (editorial)


"Stirring... Gray’s film makes you both cynical and hopeful about the world we live in, all within the space of 83 minutes."

Ravi Ananthanarayanan, Livemint