IN THE UK & EUROPE, SOUTH AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST (PAL video standard, Region 2):

Please order our UK DVD from Amazon UK or our DVD distributor Network.  Amazon UK will ship the DVD internationally at very reasonable rates, but please note that it may not play properly in players outside PAL Region 2 countries.

Also available on Amazon Austria, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain.

* Please note that the UK-issued (PAL Region 2) DVD is available for purchase on Amazon in the United States as well, but will only play on PAL-compliant DVD players or computers.

IN INDIA (PAL video standard, Region-Free):

Please order our India DVD from Amazon India, Flipkart, Rhythm House or other quality outlets.

EDUCATIONAL/NGO DVD (NTSC video standard, feature-length and one-hour versions):

Please order our Educational DVD from our North American educational distributor Media Education Foundation (MEF).

For more information please go to our “For Educators” page.

VIDEO ON DEMAND (Streaming & Download) — WORLDWIDE

Fire in the Blood is available to stream and download worldwide here (or here with Spanish subtitles).