Having spent seven years (and counting) working on this project, we are exceptionally eager for FIRE IN THE BLOOD to be screened in educational institutions, conferences and other academic environments where engaged audiences can take its message forth, give some serious thought to what the current system of developing and commercializing medicine is costing us and potentially become involved in the search for positive solutions…

We are especially committed to facilitating such screenings for institutions and academics in low- and middle-income countries, and recognise the severe financial constraints they usually face.

Tell us what you have and mind and we will let you know how to arrange a screening or an educational/institutional/library copy of the film.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is legally prohibited to show copies of FIRE IN THE BLOOD intended for home- and/or personal use (e.g. commercially-available DVDs, downloads purchased from online platforms such as iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, etc.) in educational or other institutional settings, including student groups.  FIRE IN THE BLOOD was produced on a not-for-profit basis without *any* government or institutional funding, and institutional licensing is an important component of reducing the very substantial debt burden we have accrued making this vitally important film.  That having been said, we are totally committed to making FIRE IN THE BLOOD available for all interested parties to watch and screen openly and legally.  Please contact us for information if you are uncertain as to which type of license is appropriate for your intended usage.


If you are interested in showing FIRE IN THE BLOOD in the classroom, or in a small group setting at a library, student organisation meeting, internal NGO meeting, etc., please contact our US/Canada educational distributors, Media Education Foundation (MEF).

Here is the FIRE IN THE BLOOD page on the MEF website.  They offer significantly discounted DVD and time-limited streaming rates (from just $50 for a seven-day streaming license) for all kinds of educational institutions, individual educators, community groups, libraries and so on.

For campus-wide screenings which will be promoted beyond a single academic department and/or to the public, please contact Monica D’souza at Sparkwater Productions via e-mail: monica[at]sparkwater dot com

MANY THANKS and we look forward to hearing from you!!